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By Amanda Molitor
Immersive Exhibits Redefining the Art World

ince the beginning of time, art has evolved to meet humans where they are in their own journey of self-expression and technology. From paintings on cave walls to incredible works on stretched canvases, and most recently, entirely digital creations – art never misses a beat. As such, it should come as no surprise that artistry has undergone another metamorphosis to bring the world new and exciting ways to experience some of the most famous masterpieces of legendary artists such as Vincent van Gogh.

Within the walls of the technology-infused Immersive van Gogh exhibit, guests are given the opportunity to step into the artist’s iconic post-Impressionist paintings and view Vincent van Gogh’s world from the inside out.

Scene de rue a Montmartre by Vincent van Gogh was sold at Paris Sotheby’s Auction House for $43 million in 2021

From creators of the blockbuster show in Paris seen by over two million visitors, the Immersive van Gogh Exhibit has brought the art of Vincent van Gogh to life in Denver. “The team seeks out cities that have thriving local arts scenes that we can tap into and support. And Denver’s arts scene is robust and exciting,” said Corey Ross, Producer of Immersive van Gogh.

Upon entering the venue, you are instantly absorbed into the canvas of some of van Gogh’s most memorable pieces as they move and flow around you via projection mapping technology. The kaleidoscope of colors is projected onto the walls and floors to truly surround guests with the art.

“One of the most intriguing parts of Immersive van Gogh is that you can see individual brush strokes being painted across the walls by Vincent’s invisible hand. You get to see the piece assembled before your eyes. The images in the projection are so sharp and towering that you also notice some elements in van Gogh’s art that you may have missed if you were just looking at the piece itself. I have seen the projections dozens of times and each time I notice details I have never seen before.”

The way the paintings have been brought to life through the founder’s, Massimiliano Siccardi, vision, animations from creative director, Vittoro Guidotti, and paired with music composed by Luca Longobardi, is remarkable. Guests get to move through the many stages of van Gogh’s life with this work as they dance across the walls of the exhibit.

“Van Gogh’s paintings almost feel animated in-and-of themselves,” said Ross. “The swirling brushstrokes of The Starry Night almost look like an animated film. Combined with some of his landscape paintings, one moment you are marveling at van Gogh’s portraits and early work, and then you find yourself in the French countryside, bathed in sunlight, birds fluttering on the horizon.”

By showcasing works of art that have been beloved by artists, admirers, and collectors for centuries in a way that resonates with the technology-obsessed world that we currently live in, the team behind Immersive van Gogh is reaching new audiences and inspiring long-time fans all over again.

“It is an entirely new presentation of visual art. There is value in seeing the real pieces in a museum up close, but this is something different. Our creative team uses the work of a given artist the same way a DJ might resample music or a sculptor may use clay. The artists body of work becomes the source material for something entirely new,” explained Ross.

For those looking for an exhilarating way to experience art, exhibits such as this will not disappoint. Following the success of Immersive van Gogh, Immersive Frida Kahlo will bring the same sense of wonder via digital art projection of the artist’s famous work to Denver this spring.

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