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ur homes are a reflection of ourselves. The colors, textures, and furniture we choose to fill our homes with help weave our personality into our most personal spaces and safe havens. Just as we grow and reinvent ourselves year after year, our interior design should evolve to match us. For inspiration, here are some of 2021’s most-loved decor trends.

By Amanda Molitor
Style Isn’t So Black and White After All
Step aside, all-white décor. Bright colors and bold textures are adding life back into our homes, one roll of wallpaper, vibrant paint color, and accent piece at a time. Tastemakers are choosing to take a more eclectic approach to decorating their spaces rather than the simplistic, neutral-hued, minimalistic style that once ruled the design scene. Now, the more character a space has, the better. This daring design trend might seem intimidating, but don’t be afraid to start small. Try incorporating a loud wallpaper pattern, a pop of your favorite paint color, or a funky piece of furniture into a room to give it new life. Have fun with your home, bend the rules, and play with colors outside of your comfort zone to create a space as unique as you are.
No Space Goes to Waste
With many consumers spending considerably more time at home, finding extra space for work, play, or relaxation has become a priority. Use your imagination to envision how you might be able to transform a spare bedroom into a yoga and meditation studio or convert a home office into a classroom. Your home should be a reflection of your life and, as your needs change, so should your home. Converting your space can be as easy as removing bedroom furniture and installing large mirrors for a home gym, taking the doors off of a closet to create a cozy workstation, or adding white boards to your unused flex space to make homeschooling a more interactive experience.
Flavorful Kitchens are in Fashion
This year, stark white and gray kitchens, while very clean and striking, are taking a backseat to more interesting color pallets. Adding some spice to your kitchen can be as easy as painting the cabinetry or making some simple swaps to your lighting choice. Deep hues, such as black, sage green, and navy blue are all the rage right now. Pendant lighting can also help make a statement without the need for extensive handywork. When selecting these hanging works of art, opt for lights with unique shapes, textures, and materials to show off your own signature style.
Al Fresco Everything
This year, more homebuyers are hunting for houses that offer expansive outdoor living spaces. Consumers are craving al fresco dining areas, patio kitchens, and lounge areas. These decked-out spaces act as our own private escape, provide us with a connection to nature, and can be the change of scenery that we need without having to travel elsewhere. Add a few pieces of patio furniture to your back porch, deck, or yard to create a relaxing area in which to enjoy the outdoors. For a more extravagent setting, consider installing unique elements such as a water feature, outdoor movie projector, fire pit, or brick oven.
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Goodbye Curtains, Hello Sunshine
Once upon a time, heavy curtains and complex window treatments were the height of interior design. Well, as the saying goes “what goes up, must come down.” Take down those curtains and let the sun’s natural light illuminate your home. This is a simple way to immediately update any room in your house. If completely bare windows are too drastic a change for you, try some sheer curtains instead to lightly filter the light into the room while still providing some privacy. Bright sunlight can energize any room and give it a boost of sleek style that traditional blinds and curtains just can’t do.
tiled wall and floor bathroom with leafy plants
Bring Nature Indoors
House plants have become incredibly popular over the last year. This is an easy way to incorporate natural elements into your home and give any room a pop of green. Incorporating more foliage into your interior design has some significant benefits outside of its aesthetically pleasing nature as well. Through the process of photosynthesis, plants release clean oxygen and absorb harmful carbon dioxide, freshening the air we breathe and eliminating toxins. This is a trend that will make your home look and feel better. Some of the most popular house plants of today are the fiddle-leaf fig tree, peace lily, aloe vera, and jade plant.